Dianas Argentum Promise(Tango)  X  Nobis Krug Perfect Harmony (Frieda)  
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Pikes Peak Siversmith Summit 
Driftwood's Time Out Of Mind
Starbuck's Greta Garbo 
Mimmtrix Jr 
Camelot's Playboy To The Stars 
Mimmtrix Susan 
Mimmtrix Sydney Af Bromhund 
Dianas Argentum Promise
Mimmtrix Love 
Dianas Argentum Wow 
Brita Oo Jankovika Z Decatic 
Diana Argentum Gea 
Golo Vom Zehnthof 
Mimmtrix Anni Till Dianas Argentum 
Mimmtrix Sydney Af Bromhund 
Smoky City Mob Boss
Camelot's Go For The Gold 
Camelot's Polkadots N'Moonbeams 
The Spirit of Rapa Nui 
Nani's Outrage 
Dreaming Of Anakena 
Nani's To Be Or Not To Be 
Nobis Krug Perfect Harmony
Le Fol Du Vent Fala Love'a 
Aalto Just Weimaraner 
Iron Etna imperium Star 
Nobis Krug Good And Unforgettable 
Weatherrun's Legend de Lugh 
Nobis Krug Of A Summer Legend 
Nobis Krug Indian Summer