The Spirit Of Rapa Nui (Rapa Nui)  X  Castra Martis Come As You Are (Paula)  
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Smokey City El Nino
Smokycity Mob Boss
Telmar Hot Topic Of Rushland
Camelot's Go For The Gold
Camelot's Current Affair
Camelot's Polkadot's N'Moonbeams
Camelot's Lace
The Spirit Of Rapa Nui
Nani's Indecent Exposure
Nani's Outrage
Nani's Networth
Dreaming Of Anakena
Nani's Concert Master
Nani's To Be Or Not To Be
Nani's Nobodies Patsy
Orion's Jager v Reiteralm
Greywei Multi Million
Greywei Smart Move
Bromhund Sensation At Greynie
Nani's Class Clown
Bromhund Madison Avenue
Greywei Just Too Smart
Castra Martis Come As You Are
Graytsky's Southern Fire
Weatherrun's Legend De Lugh
Weatherrun's Shadow Rama
Nobis Krug O'Leged Ophelia
Camelot's Welcome Back
Nobis Krug Indian Summer
Nobiskrug True Dream