Nobis Krug In The Wink Of An Eye (Lord)  X  Nobis Krug Lucky Lady (Lady)  
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Smokycity Mob Boss
Camelot's Go For The Gold
Camelot's Polkadot's N'Moonbeams
The Spirit Of Rapa Nui
Nani's Outrage
Dreaming Of Anakena
Nani's To Be Or Not To Be
Nobis Krug In The Wink Of An Eye
Le Fol Du Vent Fala Love'A 
Aalto Just Weimaraner
Iron Etna Imperium Star 
Nobis Krug Good And Unforgettable
Weatherrun's Legend De Lugh 
Nobis Krug Of A Summer Legend 
Nobis Krug Indian Summer 
Camelot's Knockin' On Heaven's D'oor
Doc N'Camelot's Heaven Can Wait
Silver Clouds Grand Contessa
Carlos Human Touch
Nani's Clay Pigeon
Dakota Grey Fellow
Joko Grey Fellow
Nobis Krug Lucky Lady
Arokat's Echobar Riverdance
Camelot's Welcome Back

Camelot's It's My Turn
Nobis Krug Indian Summer
Camelot's Country Parson
Nobis Krug True Dream
Nobiskrug Get Fashion Impact