Camelot's N'Nobiskrug Maestoso Con Brio (Jazz)  X  Nobis Krug Nature's Beauty (Nyalla)  
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Camelot's Desert Fox
Camelot's Main Attraction 
Camelot's Star Attraction 
Camelot's Knockin' On Heaven's Door 
Camelot's Simply The Best 
Camelot's Happy Times 
Camelot's Happily Everafter
Camelot's N'Nobiskrug Maestoso Con Brio 
Camelot's Marathon Man
Camelot's Stop 2 Smell Th' Roses
Camelot's They Call The Wind 
Camelot's Serendipity
Camelot's Go For The Gold 
Camelot's Pied Piper
Camelot's Swing Time 
Czolking Gnosting
Rivenwill Alabama Slammer
Smokycity Rivenwill Revelation
Meander Fionn Maccumhail
Greybrook-Winweim-Nani Sir Henry
Meander Havana Dream
Meander Undercover
Nobis Krug Nature's Beauty
Nani N Greydove Milenium Bug

Greydove Hot Summer Nite
Clayco Just It
Mimmtrix Very Special Nhucha
Camelot's Country Parson
Nobiskrug Yr Happy Harmony
Nobiskrug Goes Silver Moon