Camelot's N'Nobiskrug Maestoso Con Brio (Jazz)  X  Nobis Krug U Be Mine Moa (Moa)  
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Camelot's Desert Fox
Camelot's Main Attraction 
Camelot's Star Attraction 
Camelot's Knockin' On Heaven's Door 
Camelot's Simply The Best 
Camelot's Happy Times 
Camelot's Happily Everafter
Camelot's N'Nobiskrug Maestoso Con Brio 
Camelot's Marathon Man
Camelot's Stop 2 Smell Th' Roses
Camelot's They Call The Wind 
Camelot's Serendipity
Camelot's Go For The Gold 
Camelot's Pied Piper
Camelot's Swing Time 
Shomar's I Dont't Giveadamns
Nobiskrug Playing By Heart
Nobiskrug That's Incredible
Nobiskrug Field Of Dreams
Nobiskrug Being Noble Platinum
Nobiskrug Moment In Time
Nobiskrug Believe It Or Not
Nobis Krug U Be Mine Moa
Juscanis Mens Legis Ad Colsidex
Phanomen Love Comes Tumbling At Juscanis
Juscanis Essentialia
Nobiskrug Just Go For It
Nobiskrug Your Winners Choice
Nobiskrug Impertinent Lady
Nobiskrug Zu A Touch Of Grace