Nobiskrug Whtevr Willbe Willbe (JACK)    X    Nobiskrug Oh What Now My Love (NAOMI)  
     Ch Cameo's Island Hunter
       Ch Orion's Quest for Camelot
         Ch Camelot's Halley's Comet
   BIS BISS AmCh BrGrCh PanCh IntCh GrBrWinner Camelot's Country Parson
       Camelot's Leading Man
     Camelot's Femme Fatale
         Lady Keta of Camelot
Ch Nobiskrug Whtevr Willbe Willbe
         BIS AmCh BrGrCh PanCh IntCh GrBrWinner Ultima's Winston Supreme
     Ch GrCh PanCh Nobiskrug Amazing Ace O'Hearts
        Ch GrCh PanCh IntCh ArgCh Nobiskrug First Amazing Grace
   Nobiskrug Fullhand O'Mischief
         Ch Colsidex Blueprint
       Ch GrCh PanCh Colsidex The Farm Nobiskrug
           Ch Sanbar Colsidex The Farm's Fox
           Ch Nani's Southern Cross
       Ch Camelot's Matinee Idol
         Ch Camelot's Halleys's Comet
   AmCh BrCh PanCh IntCh Shomar's I Don't Giveadamn
       Ch Shomar's The Jazzsinger
     Ch Shomar's Joyful Noise
         Ch Shomar's Caught In The Rapture
BrGrCh PanCh Nobiskrug Oh What Now My Love
         Ch Colsidex Nani Reprint
     BIS AmCh BrGrCh PanCh IntCh GrBr Winner Ultimas Winston Supreme
       Ch Ultimas Sadie Hawkins
   BrGrCh PanCh IntCh Nobiskrug Rainbows End
         BrGrCh SAmCh IntCh Arokats Press Club
       Ch Nobiskrug Unerring First Unika
           Paloma Freiin von Nobiskrug