Camelot's What's Up Doc (DOC)  X  Mimmtrix Very Special Nhucha (NHUCHA)  
AmCh BrCh BrGrCh PanAmCh PanAmGrCh IntCh   BrCh BrGrCh PanAmCh PanAmGrCh    
 Camelot's Just Do It
Camelot's Up To Par
Camelot's Mona Lisa
 Camelot's Marathon Man 
 Colsidex Blueprint
Camelot's Star Attraction
 Camelot's Femme Fatale
Camelot's What's Up Doc
 Smoky City Mob Boss
 Camelot's Go ForThe Gold
Camelot's Polkadots N'Moonbeams
Silvercloud's Grand Contessa
Smokey City El Nino
 Smokey City High And Mighty
 Smokey City D'Nunder Lazerbeam
          Ashmore's Win Weim Royal Flush 
      Nani N Greydove Milenium Bug
        Nani's Glitter Bug 
  Greydove Hot Summer Nite
      Talfryn Spring Madness
    Clayco Just It
        Grauhund Nikkitah
Mimmtrux Very Special Nhucha
        Orion's Quest For Camelot
    Camelot's Country Parson
      Camelot's Femme Fatale
  Nobiskrug Yr Happy Harmony
        Nobiskrug Being Noble Platinum
      Nobiskrug Goes SilverMoon
          Nobiskrug Rainbows End